Friday, December 29, 2017

New Zealand Part 2

More photos...

Penguins at Kelly Tarlton's Sea Life aquarium.

Rhiannon and Robyn at Kelly Tarlton's.

 Robyn and Rhiannon under a massive fig tree in the Auckland Domain.

Ralph with delphiniums in a Winter Garden greenhouse in the Auckland Domain.

The beach at Piha.

 Black sand eroded from volcanic rock--very hot in the sun!

 See the bit of red in the center of the photo?  That's Rhiannon.

The New Zealand Maritime Museum has everything from Maori canoes to the America's Cup sailboats.

The giant dandelion sculpture in the Sculptureum outdoor sculpture garden.  Umbrellas were provided for sun shade.

Rhiannon and Robyn with a giant green rabbit.

We took a ferry from Auckland to the volcanic island Rangitoto.  Then we boarded a tractor pulled tram for a tour of the island.

Robyn and Tim in a lava flow.

The Auckland skyline from Rangitoto island.

Pohutakawa, the New Zealand "Christmas tree".  Merry Christmas Kiwis. 


  1. What a fun trip, thanks for taking me with I sit chilled in North Carolina, US!

  2. Gorgeous pictures! I've always wanted to visit NZ.